Published by Gabriel Oliveira
on July 31, 2020

Proof of Work Experience

If you got an Invitation to Apply (ITA), congratulations! That means that the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) "liked" your CRS score, and is inviting you to apply to become a Permanent Resident.

When you created your Express Entry profile, you specified lots of things about yourself, right? Things like education, work experience, English level, etc. Well, now is the time to provide evidences for each of those items.

And when it comes to work experience, the way you prove it is through letters from your previous employers.

What must be on the letter(s)?

IRCC specifies a set of rules:


My letter doesn't have all these items. Now what?

Not to worry. Keep in mind that these letters will be reviewed by a human being. Not by a computer that just check for items. That means that missing one or two items shouldn't hurt your process. But that it will be at the officers "mercy".

For an example, you might be missing "Number of hours per week". In that case, you can attach a letter of your own, describing that information, with any supporting documents you might think of, such as pay stubs.

In fact, it is a good idea to complement the information with supporting documents, or a note (written by yourself) explaining some item that might not be clear on the original letter.

Do I need to translate the letters?

If they are not in English or French, you do. One easy way to bypass this is to request your employer to write the original letter in English.

Must the letter say it is for immigration?

No, not at all. There is no need to specify the intent of the letter other than to serve as evidence of your experience. It is entirely up to you if you want to be clear about it or not with your previous (or current) employer.

Can I type the letter and ask my previous employer to sign?

Definitly yes! In fact, you should do so - as long as it is truthful. That way you save your old manager some time, and you rest assured that the content is correct.

Do I need a letter from each employer I ever had?

You need to provide evidence for every work experience you listed when you first created your Express Entry profile. If you don't remember which ones you did, you can look on your online application at IRCC website.

Work experiences not listed there don't require proof of experience.

As a general rule, you only need to mention and prove work experiences that are related to the profession you specified as your occupation (NOC code).

Sample / Template

Here is a sample of a valid letter of experience. You can use it as a base for your own.

Make sure you replace the header with your company's letterhead.


Shirley Apr 27, 2021 07:56:31

Thankyou dear

Gabriel (Author) Apr 30, 2021 18:06:29

A pleasure! Hope it helps :)

maanwinder singh May 01, 2021 19:08:38

worked for a company in jan and feb and after that i went india .in july i came back and joined other company.worked for 2 months there and after that i rejoined my previous company i am confused that should i need two reference letters .one for jan feb months and second for august to till now.or should i mention two durations of work in one single reference letter..please let me knw..thanks

Gabriel (Author) May 04, 2021 13:41:16

Hi, it can be a single letter for both periods that you worked on that company. It just has to be clear the periods you worked there, hours worked / week, roles and responsabilities, etc.

Alex May 14, 2021 09:07:12

Hi. My number of working hours per week was variable during the last 2 years. Should I ask the employer to provide the total hours that I have worked in the letter? Thanks!

Gabriel (Author) May 14, 2021 15:43:24

Hi Alex! Yeah, total hours should be fine. Maybe ask them to mention that the number of hours changed every week, but total is x. It must be more than 1,560. Good luck!

Anonymous May 15, 2021 07:55:39

hey there! I have a confusion, my job title on pay stub reads "General help" whereas I perform duties that of a material handler (kind of). I talked to my manager about it and he is ready to give me experience letter along with the title of Material handler. So will it create any problem if apply for PR?

Gabriel (Author) May 17, 2021 18:53:48

Hi! It shouldn't be a problem. The most important is the time worked, and the part of the letter where it says what you did. If that matches the NOC you are applying for, it will be fine! One of my letters also had a little discrepancy on the job title, it wasn't an issue. Maybe add a letter of explanation explaining that the title is a standard for that company, or something like that, just to be on the safe side.

Muhammad May 19, 2021 15:21:28

My job tittle is logistics coordinator which is not excatly matching the tittle in 1215 Noc but my duties match 75% and my employer is ready to show this on letter - will it be a problem as my tittle is not mentioned?

Gabriel (Author) May 21, 2021 20:05:28

Hi Muhammad, I believe it should be fine, as long as the letter makes it clear what you did there. That's the most important part :)

Sumit May 19, 2021 23:39:47

Hi ! I have 8 Months of experience of Front desk agent ( All duties performed as of Supervisor 6313 code 90% matches). My property owner ready to explain all those skills. I have another experience of 13 months as Front desk assistant manager. If that 8 months count , I am very close to get enough points for recent draws. Please reply if thats eligible.

Gabriel (Author) May 21, 2021 20:08:06

Hi Sumit, so the rule is to have 1 year of experience on the NOC that you are applying for. If you are applying for 6313, and the duties and responsabilities that you performed during the 13 months as Front desk Assistant match that NOC, it should be fine. If not, you'd need to fill the 4 months gap. Makes sense?

Shashank May 21, 2021 04:13:12

If i have worked for 3 years after my bachelor(bba) and after master 1 i need to show both experience letter or any one can do...?

Gabriel (Author) May 21, 2021 20:09:27

Any can do, as long as it's at least 1 year, and duties and responsibilities match the NOC you are applying for. Work experience is not strictly bounded to education. Hope it makes sense :)

Dilpreet May 22, 2021 01:37:19

noc code is not mentioned in my job experience letter, is it required to be mentioned for applying in new 1560 hr essential workers stream?

Gabriel (Author) May 24, 2021 14:55:31

Hi Dilpreet! Nope, NOC code is not needed on the letter :) As long as your duties and responsabilities are there, IRCC will see if it matches with NOC.

Basel May 25, 2021 04:35:32

First of all thanks to all what you do : ) I have submitted my EE around 3 months and received an ITA. I have mentioned in my EE that I do have a total of 3 job experiences and one them is my primary job. Primary NOC 6211 (experience for 4 years as a full time) - Points awarded Second NOC 8211 (experience for 1 years as a part time) - No points awarded Third NOC 1211 (experience for 6 months as a part time) - No points awarded When reviewing the check list for supporting documents under the PR section, I have noticed that they requested from my to provide experience letters from ALL the above jobs and not just from the primary one. I am claiming only 4 years of experience under the primary NOC so Why did the ask to provide letters for the rest of experiences? are not they supposed to be assessing only the claimed work experience which in this case the primary one (6211)? shall I write them 2 separate explanation letter for both (8211-1211) and tell them that I cannot provide experience letters since they are not claimed? I am pretty sure that my other two employers wont provide me with experience letters as requested with detailed job duties ...etc. I can only get one for the primary job only. Surprisingly, they even asked for employment letters for my wife who has another 4 experiences (points not awarded). So why would they ask for her experience letters since we are not claiming points on her experience? Your help is much appreciated : )

Gabriel (Author) May 26, 2021 16:28:43

Hi Basel, Yeah, the rule of thumb here is that during the application, you need to prove that you have everything you claimed to have on the EE profile. Even if it wasn't used for the points. Hm... really not sure what happens now. Maybe you can write them saying "you know what, can I just remove those experiences from my profile? they are not helping anyway.", but not sure if that jeopardizes the ITA as a whole. Because this is very specific, and there is a risk of invalidating the ITA, I'd suggest maybe asking for professional help... I'm not a consultant myself, but there's a link "Consultants" at the top of this page with some recomendations. Sorry I couldn't help more :|

RCIC in Canada Jun 19, 2021 21:13:36

Hello, Hope you might have resolved ur problem by now, if not, the solution is here you have to remove those 2 work experiences from the work section and add them to personal history as you are not claiming any points for that. this will remove the need for documents.

Md Khan May 26, 2021 03:43:37

Hi buddy, I wanna thanked you!! for this informative writing.

Gabriel (Author) May 26, 2021 16:29:30

Hi Khan, thanks! It was fun to write it :)

Arul May 27, 2021 07:24:43

Hi Gabriel, I am going to submit my profile now and I have a following clarifications, 1) For the past 10 yrs, I have worked in 4 companies and two companies been sold out. But I consider the last 4 companies in the profile. How can I get the experience certificate if two companies are no more there. 2) But I have experience certificates from those two companies where it is mentioned about my position, length of time worked and about my conduct. Is this certificate can suffice that. Please clarify and thanks for your guidance.

Gabriel (Author) May 28, 2021 17:06:30

Hi Arul, I believe if you put it there on the profile, you need to prove it. So you would need something for those 2 companies that don't exist anymore too. I'd try to get as much as you can on things like: offer letter (from when you started the job), leave letter (from when you left the job), contract, pay stubs... Anything that would prove your that experience there is legit. Also stuff that mention what you did... emails, year evaluations, etc. And a letter of explanation explaining the situation. If you still have contact with co-workers from those places, maybe letters from them (with their names and contact) might help. The whole idea is to make it clear for the immigration agent that you did work there, and it's legit, but the company closed. If still you can't get enough to make it a solid proof, it might be worth to ask for some professional advice... I'm not a consultant myself, but there are some links to a few pros on the right side of this page. Wish I could help more... Good luck!

Jasminder May 29, 2021 16:16:24

Dear Gabriel, I have a experience letter from my supervisor which entails the duties, title and time served. For the number of hours and annual compensation I can get the letter from the HR office of the company. Can I upload both the letters or it has to be one letter which contains all the information.

Gabriel (Author) Jun 01, 2021 19:13:19

Hi Jasminder, two letters should be totally fine! I've done that myself for one of my work experiences :)

KZ May 31, 2021 10:07:10

Thank you for sharing.

Gabriel (Author) Jun 01, 2021 19:13:31

A pleasure :)

AR Dabbour Jun 01, 2021 19:50:59

Hello Gabriel, I have such a letter dated a couple of months back before i resigned from my previous place of employment. It includes all the details except for my service termination date, because it was ongoing. After my resignation they are refusing to give me such a letter. Will this cause me a problem?

Gabriel (Author) Jun 02, 2021 18:17:33

Hi Dabbour, It doesn't really have to have your resignation date. But it must be clear that you worked there for at least one year. You can then write a note saying you don't work there anymore, just in case.

Surbhi Jun 02, 2021 07:26:23

Hello Gabriel, Thank you for the article. I started working as a casual employee but worked the part time hours in retail supermarket and later I was offered to signed the contract for part time. Should I mention about casual and part time employment despite both working the same hours for NOC 6211?

Gabriel (Author) Jun 02, 2021 18:20:15

Hi Surbhi, I think you should mention it, just to be 100% clear on your situation. There is no problem at all working part-time, IRCC kind of expectes people to do that sometimes. The important thing is that the total hours sum up to 1560 hours (one year).

Lucifer Jun 02, 2021 09:28:16

Hello Gabriel I work in a retail pharmacy store here in India I have my offer letter. However on the other hand they use to pay me cash so what should I submit as my pay statement when trying to apply for PNP

Gabriel (Author) Jun 02, 2021 18:22:41

Hi Lucifer, If you are applying for a PNP, you might want to check if it has specific scenarios. But for Express Entry, you don't really need to submit pay statement. Just the letter is fine, as long as it has all the information mentioned above. Also, not that it's not an offer letter. It's a different thing - this one should state what you did AFTER you worked there for some time. Makes sense?

Atinder Jun 02, 2021 14:18:13

Hello. I have 4 years of experiance as a lawyer in india . Is it match with any NOC?

Gabriel (Author) Jun 02, 2021 18:24:09

Hi, There's probably a NOC for lawyer, yes. Click the link "NOCs" on the top of this page to look for which one is it (I can't remember from the top of my head). Also, keep in mind that that's a regulated profession, so you also need to check with the regulatory entity in Canada what you need to do to work as a lawyer here. I hope it makes sense!

Namandeep Jun 09, 2021 05:50:25

Hi, I want to mention that I am on the Group benefit plan with my Employer where he pays my entire premium. Please advise how can I write this on my Letter Thanks

Gabriel (Author) Jun 09, 2021 14:25:33

Hi! Hm... not sure what a group benefit plan is! But the general rule is that if you did the job for more than an year, and the job tasks matches the NOC, and if that's all on the letter, it should be fine.

Gurnike Singh Jun 14, 2021 04:15:21

Gurnike Singh Hi , I worked in same gas station for last 3 years as gas station attendant but my annual salary is variable. Should I ask my employer to write my each changed annual salary? Thanks

Gabriel (Author) Jun 15, 2021 13:57:13

Ideally, yeah, you'd should do that (ask your employer to mention the salary history). However, the most important part is to make sure the duties and responsibilities described on the letter match the ones on the NOC description.

viraj patel Jun 18, 2021 02:22:42

hello I got ITA in CEC, I have one question , name on the experience letter has only first and last name but in my passport there is also middle name in my name name on the letter and name on the passport should be same like include middle name too ?

Gabriel (Author) Jun 18, 2021 15:28:45

Hey, congrats for the ITA!! Nah, that should be totally fine! My letter actually had the exact same thing (missing middle name), and it worked out pretty good. Congrats again!

Jas Jun 18, 2021 12:51:48

Hi, I added my experience letter for CEC and I got the ITA but now the previous company(the letter I added) is not providing any letter in today's time. What needs to be done in this scenario? Thank you!

Gabriel (Author) Jun 18, 2021 15:32:34

Hi, If nothing changed since you got that first letter - it should still be valid. Unless your role/duties/etc changed, then yeah, you might need a new one. If you do need a new one, I would definitely insist with the company. I mean, why wouldn't they give you a new one? If you still can't get it, maybe try to add a letter of explanation with as much back-up docs as you can (pay stubs, emails, contracts etc). But again, I would insist with the company. Good luck, and congrats for the ITA! The hard part is done :)

viraj patel Jun 20, 2021 02:31:01

hello 1. after getting ITA Can i make some changes ? I have some correction in my profile which i updated after ITA like in my IELTS result there is TRF number which has little mistake as i foregate one digit to write which i corrected and updated after ITA. Is it ok or it can be affect in my application? 2. I have not claim Canadian education point in profile but when i was checking my everything after ITA then i claim point should i claim or not after ITA? can i update my form after ITA? Thank you

Gabriel (Author) Jun 21, 2021 17:09:13

Hey, I don't think you can update stuff after ITA, unless you have life events like kids, marriage, etc. Still, totally worth to ask IRCC themselves! Maybe try the web form tool: Good luck!

Sabreen Jun 20, 2021 03:22:36

Hi Gabriel, I started working with a company as a part time employee in NoC B. After 6 months i was promoted to full-time position. And, now my company is giving a letter which says you are incorporated in the month of January and currently working approximately 40 hours/ week. Is this letter valid for CEC. If they don’t put the starting date when i started working full time

Gabriel (Author) Jun 21, 2021 17:11:33

Hi, ideally you want to have the proper dates of when you were doing part time AND when you were doing full time. I guess if you can't get a new letter, you could write a letter of explanation with some document backing it up (like contract, paychecks, etc). But again, ideally you want to do it just as they ask, so I'd definitely go back to the company and ask for a new one. Maybe type one yourself and just ask them to sign it (if they agree with the content, of course). I did that for one of my work experiences, and it worked fine :) Good luck!

Vvictor Jun 22, 2021 03:01:37

Hi I m with same company for 15 years, asking for experience certificate in specific format would invite unwanted focus on me from management which I want to avoid untill i have invitation.. I have joining letter, promotion letters, annual hike letters , pay slips, can these be alternatives to proof of experience from employer?

Gabriel (Author) Jun 23, 2021 13:51:09

Hi there Victor. I know exactly what you mean! Those documents you mentioned could work as add-ons, but not as alternatives. You really need the letter. I was exactly on the same position as you are right now (not 15 years though haha), so I waited for the ITA to come, and only then asked them for the letter (you have 60 days to get it). Mostly because after ITA everything is kind of assured - unless something goes wrong, you will go to Canada anyway. Better than ask for the letter before ITA, get all that unwanted focus, and never receive ITA. Makes sense?

Priscila Jul 05, 2021 21:56:37

Hi Gabriel, The letter I got from my employer just said that I worked full-time but does not specify that was 40h/week. Do you think I should try to get another letter or if says full-time is ok? The other information about dates, responsabilidades... are all fine. Thanks so much for you post!

Gabriel (Author) Jul 06, 2021 17:18:57

Hi! I believe one of the letters I sent didn't say the 40h either! It should be fine. Maybe you could add a page to the PDF as a letter of explanation just saying something like "they didn't specify it, but in my country full-time means 40h". Just to be 100% safe. But again - it should not be a problem!

Kash23 Jul 09, 2021 11:33:43

Hi I have a doubt regarding CEC class, I have worked with a firm for 1 year under noc B code 6316, I have received 3 salary changes from $15.30 , $16, $ 17, but my experience letter says $17 which is my last drawn salary ? Would it affect my PR application if I don’t mention in the letter that I have drawn the other salaries as well ?? Thanks

Gabriel (Author) Jul 12, 2021 17:19:11

Hi, I believe it should be fine! My letters only mentioned last salary too. You might wand to attach some pay stubs from the previous salaries just to on the safe side. But again, it should be fine.

Marvin Jul 14, 2021 06:23:00

Hi, I work in Saudi Arabia from March 2012 to December 2012. When I got December holiday leave, I never come back. Now, do I need to get their letter of reference? The other Experience that I can get are: Philippines Jan 2011 to Feb 2012 (1year) Qatar Jan 2013 to March 2015 (2years) UAE March 2015 to Present (6 years) Thanks

Gabriel (Author) Jul 14, 2021 14:30:14

You don't need proof of work experience for that job in SA, no. Because you already have 8 years on others, so it should be enough. But if you already inserted that work experience in your EE profile, then yeah, you need it! Or you can just try to remove it from your profile.

Sandeep Jul 15, 2021 16:54:59

Hii Gabriel I work as Marine Engineer, So i am a contract based employee of the company . I work for 6 months on ship then i take unpaid vacation of 5-6 months before joining my next assignment. Will there be any Problem ?

Gabriel (Author) Jul 19, 2021 22:05:29

Hi, I don't think that would be a problem. But it is probably a good idea to write a letter of explanation explaining your schedule. Cool job btw :)

Sakshi Jul 17, 2021 07:52:31

Hi Gabriel I applied for express entry(federal skilled workers) in March'21 and had completed 3 years of work experience at the time of application. I have recently started working at a new place, do I need to edit my application to incorporate this new job position and if yes, would I require an experience letter from this place if I get an ITA within the first few months of working in this company. Considering this job's NOC is different from the ones I had used while applying. Thanks in advance!

Gabriel (Author) Jul 19, 2021 22:04:36

Hi, if it's a different NOC, there is no point in adding there. Work experience must be on the same NOC that you used on the EE profile (main occupation). I wouldn't mention it.

Johnson R Jul 26, 2021 01:37:27

Hi Gabriel , My previous companies closed down during this pandemic. How can I provide evidence for these work experience( for an about 3 years). Is it enough of self explanation with relieving letter with salary certificate as support documents? Kindly guide me through this. Thanks in advance!

Gabriel (Author) Jul 27, 2021 17:15:57

I had to google this one... Didn't find anything official (yellow flag), but lots of people seem to have gone through with a letter of explanation explaining that it close, and support documents like the ones you described (the more the better IMO). Also, if you could get a letter from a previous manager/HR staff, with his/her current contacts, it might increase the "believability" of the whole thing. Again, I can't back this up with anything from the official website, but it does make sense that it should work. I would definetly give it a try! If, by any chance, this work experience won't give you any extra points, then I'd just remove it from the profile as a whole. Makes sense?

Johnson R Jul 28, 2021 01:12:25

Dear Gabriel! Thank you for making an effort in replying and giving your valuable inputs. I will give a try with these ideas. I have 6 years of experience in current company(Engineering) and in total 9 years . I believe evidence for current 6 years is enough to prove my proficiency in the field I am applying .

Gabriel (Author) Aug 02, 2021 17:02:05

Yeah 6 years is enough :) Anything over 5 counts the same!

jasmine Jul 30, 2021 15:56:08

Hello gabriel I worked as a registered nurse for 11 months in one place and 2 months in other facility. Is that okay, if I combine these both letters in order to make it one year experience. Will they consider it or experience should be from one place only? please let me know, thankyou!

Gabriel (Author) Aug 02, 2021 17:02:37

Hi, it is totally fine to have different places summed up to make to total needed!

Erdem B Aug 01, 2021 06:06:02

Thank you so much for your help here. My question is about missing company letterhead in letter, the company only stamp the letter. I have not got my ITA yet, but I will get it with my very high score (Next draw is probably on August 4th) Do you think I should remove this letter from my work history in express entry profile. I hope you could answer me before next draw cause I will get ITA.

Gabriel (Author) Aug 02, 2021 17:04:33

Hi, congrats on the high score! Only the stamp *should* be fine! Worst case scenario they might ask for another one, but again, I really think it should be fine! Make sure there are contacts (phone number, email, etc) for whoever wrote the letter - so they can reach out to them if needed (never heard they did, but still).

Oeo Aug 03, 2021 19:49:23

I have created my profile and waiting for the first FSW draw with a score of 478 points, I already started gathering documents and I have a question on proof of work experience: I have exit documents from all 3 previous employers that satisfy all requirements listed except salary, benefits, and duties :/ However salary, duties, and benefits are listed in the contract of employment, do you think providing both contract and exit documents that are satisfying all requirements together will be enough? I can't get the HRs to send me a custom-made document with all requirements in it so planning to use those two documents merged, is it a good plan at all? Thanks in advance!

Gabriel (Author) Aug 05, 2021 14:33:37

Hey congrats on the great score! Yeah i think if you have that info on the contract, it should be fine! Maybe add a letter of explanation explaining that the company has a standard letter format that doesn't have those, but you are sending additional docs with it. Make sure the duties match the NOC you are applying for! That is critical! Congrats on the great score again :)

Salima Aug 07, 2021 15:20:01

Hi Gabriel The experience letter from previous employer should be recent or it is okay to submit 6 months or 1 year old experience letter?

Gabriel (Author) Aug 09, 2021 18:29:18

Hi, it should be fine to use an "old" experience letter :)

Ravi Aug 11, 2021 19:51:12

Hi Gabriel, I have experience from last 5-6 companies. When I took the experience letters from them they mentioned everything hours/week, position , job duties, dates et.c but they haven't mentioned the last drawn salary. What should I do in this case. Would that be mandatory ?

Gabriel (Author) Aug 16, 2021 16:20:09

Hi Ravi, It shouldn't be a problem, no. I was on the exact same position. What I did (and recommend to you) is to add a letter of explanation, with some pay stubs if you have them. The main goal hear is to tell the agent your stuff, in the most trustworthy way of all. Some companies have as policies not to mention salary, and the immigration agents are aware of that!

nana Aug 15, 2021 16:42:56

hi, can my experiences before degree be claimed?

Gabriel (Author) Aug 16, 2021 16:21:01

As long as it matches the NOC description, yeah, it should be fine. Just watch out that some NOC do require studies to be executed, so you need to see if that's your case. But as a rule of thumb, work experience and education are separate things when it comes to immigration to Canada.

Adem Aug 17, 2021 18:34:03

Hi I have been plan to apply for SINP, I'm a master graduate also I'm an Indian expats. After complete my graduation, I did work in Saudi Arabia and UAE. 1 year 8 months i worked in Saudi Arabia (2014 ) as an Assistant Account but in the employment visa they shown as a Carpenter. They provided me an experience certificate when I was resigned from the company, now I had been requested a letter from HR manager includes all details what you mentioned above. In that time company salary provided by cash. Is it acceptable for mentioned the work experience?

Gabriel (Author) Aug 20, 2021 21:47:36

Hi, the fact that you got paid in cash, or that your work visa said something else shouldn't make any difference when it comes to Canada immigration. The important part here is that the letter has the details mentioned on the article, and that the description matches the NOC that you are applying for! Makes sense?

Deni Aug 20, 2021 19:56:36

Hello, I applied for immigration via Express entry, and I did enter the pool today. However, there is an unclear issue I face and seems like I cannot find anything on the web about it. I plan to move to Canada with my husband and my 6 y.o. daughter and my husband is a dependent on my Express entry. His occupation NOC is 2281 (he is a system administrator) and he's been working in that field for more than 10 years now; however, for the past 5 years he has been a self-employed person and has been acting as a CEO (NOC 0013) for his own IT company as well. I did fill in both positions for him, however, it seems to me like I should fill out only one of them - probably 0013, since he has been registered as self-employed in our own country too, regardless of the fact that he has been virtually working as a System administrator in his own company. Which of those two is the correct one to write down in my application? Would be great if you could give me a pointer, I am quite lost here... Thank you in advance!

Gabriel (Author) Aug 20, 2021 21:53:23

Hm... that's a good question... So he is indeed CEO of his own company, but on his day to day work he performs more system admin stuff. Is that so? If that's the case, I'd say his occupation for EE should be system admin (2281). I haven't read the NOC description for CEO, but I'm assuming the expectation with someone on that NOC (CEO) would be to perform 100% CEO stuff (whatever that is lol) on the day-to-day routine. And not system admin (which is what he actually did, right?). Also, consider that if he can use CEO, pretty much all self-employed people would be CEOs :D. Anyway, I really think system admin is the safe way to go here! Makes sense?

Deni Aug 21, 2021 16:59:16

Thank you for your reply! I figured out that after I receive an ITA (hopefully), I will have to provide documents of proof, and since officially documents can only prove the CEO position, it is probably more correct to keep the CEO entry. Still, I sent an inquiry directly to IRCC regarding the matter, because I want to be sure that there will be no problem at a later stage of my application. Thank you again for your help!

Jaby Aug 21, 2021 13:17:38

Hi Gabriel, I am in the process of filling out my EE profile and was very confused if I should mark it as being self employed or not. I own 50% of the private company.

Gabriel (Author) Aug 24, 2021 21:45:06

Hi Jaby, if you want the hours you worked for your company to count, you need to add that work experience, yes. Make sure you have the paperwork to prove it though, it's a bit different then "normal" jobs. This is what the government website says: "if the applicant is self-employed, articles of incorporation or other evidence of business ownership, evidence of self-employment income and documentation from third-party individuals indicating the service provided along with payment details (self-declared main duties or affidavits are not acceptable proof of self-employed work experience)."

Muhammad Azam Aug 22, 2021 07:24:42

what if employer is not providing letter as per prescribed above in that case what we can do.

Gabriel (Author) Aug 24, 2021 21:48:32

Hm... I'd recommend write the letter yourself (be 100% honest while doing it), and just ask them to sign. I did that myself with one of my employers. If they refuse to give you anything at all, maybe try to understand why that is, and go from there. Fact is, you need something from them.

Sam Aug 24, 2021 01:12:50

Hi Gabriel, If my letter of experience doesn't has the job benefits listed but has all the other things including annual salary, hours worked and dates with job duties, is that fine ?

Gabriel (Author) Aug 24, 2021 21:50:15

Hey Sam, Yeah, it should be fine. But still. if you can provide that information with an extra document (pay stub, contract, etc), that will probably help. And a letter of explanation explaining why you are sending that extra document (because information was missing on the main letter or work experience). Makes sense?

Anu Aug 27, 2021 19:49:25

Do we want to submit any bank statement or payslip as proof.

Gabriel (Author) Aug 30, 2021 16:18:37

If the letter is complete as per the requirements described on this article, there is no need for those :)

Brian Aug 31, 2021 23:48:05

Hi Gabriel, I’m working as an assistant manager at a fast food restaurant(NOC 0631) but I was paid minimum wage, however, it has increased in the 12th month. Are there any requirements on the earned wage? Some consultants suggested that it could be an issue since I have no previous experience or education related to this job and the officer might not be satisfied. Thanks in advance.

Gabriel (Author) Sep 14, 2021 19:13:01

Hm I kinda agree with those consultants. Usually NOC 0 require some level of education/trainning as per the official NOC descriptions. I'd say just make sure that your day-to-day tasks fit well on the NOC description. If it does, you should be fine. But if you have a NOC 0 with a low wage, it will definetly raise some yellow flags for the agent, I agree. Remember that the job title doesn't really matter, is more about the tasks. For an example, you could open a one-man company and say you are an experienced CEO. But that's not really what the agents are expecting if you say you are an CEO, you know what I mean? Try to put yourself in the mind of the immigration agent.

Ruslan Sep 01, 2021 17:00:45

Hi Gabriel, Is it required to be original hard copy letter or scan copy would be enough? Should it be just soft copy? Thank you.

Gabriel (Author) Sep 14, 2021 19:13:47

Hi, all these documents are scanned to IRCC website, so scan is fine :) It needs to be in English or French (or translated) though!

Klaus Sep 06, 2021 11:02:10

Hi! I am about to submit my application. But, I included a paid volontory work. Will it be rejected? In fact, i was recruited by an international organization to work abroad for one year, full time. I got a reference letter but it doesn't specify the amount of money I was paid

Gabriel (Author) Sep 14, 2021 19:15:39

Hi, I believe if it's paid, it's not volunteer, ain't it so? Anyway, the rule is that it must be paid! And if you don't have that information there on the letter, you should attach paystubs or something else to make it clear to the agent how much you made. Makes sense?

Ahmed Sep 10, 2021 20:20:57

thanks, man for these valuable information. I just want to ask you should I include an insurance cert to prove the work experience or it is not required?

Gabriel (Author) Sep 14, 2021 19:19:17

Hi Ahmed! Hm... I'm not sure what that is, but I think as long as you have the letter with the stuff listed on this article, you should be good!

Taofeeq Sep 12, 2021 11:15:10

Hi Gabriel, I do really appreciate for all the information and the response you have being given so far, just keep it up. Please have two different working experience, one for Teaching and the other for Computer Hardware Technician. is it possible to present the letter(s) for both working experience?

Gabriel (Author) Sep 14, 2021 19:20:36

Hey Taofeeq, thanks for the nice feedback, it's been fun! It is possible, but you will only get points for the experience on the NOC that you are applying for. So I wouldn't even mention the other one on your profile. No gains in doing it.

ajs Sep 14, 2021 05:29:26

Please help us. Are soft copies of work experience documents valid to apply for express entry. Can we submit scanned pdf copies of the original documents. Should we get it translated. Your help means a lot to us. Please help us. You are helping us with this blog. We are happy about this help. Keep up the great work.

Gabriel (Author) Sep 14, 2021 19:21:47

Hey there. Yeah, all these documents you'll have to upload it to IRCC website so it should be a PDF. And yes, it should be translated (if not in English or French)! Good luck on your process :)

JJCHUNG Sep 15, 2021 15:16:25

Hi there! I'm so stuck! My Canadian work experience is from Sept 1, 2018- Aug 20, 2019 (11 weeks, 20 days / 2000 hours). I put the dates in my EE profile as is from Sept 2018- Aug 2019. I got an ITA under CEC, but why have I gotten an ITA if I inputted that I only have 11 months of work experience if they will reject me anyways? It doesn't make any sense. Should I decline this ITA? I have 506 points with my experiences so if I decline this ITA , does that mean that I could get another ITA under FSW? Or should I keep this ITA then add a LOE stating that I still have 2000 hours, exceeding their requirement of 1560 hours? I need help, this is so confusing.

Gabriel (Author) Sep 21, 2021 18:17:25

Hi there! Congrats on the ITA! Even if a weird ITA hahahah. So, IMO, your case SCREAMS for a consultant!! You should definitely get some professional help, just to make sure you don't miss the chance because to a confusion like that! Shop around a bit, explain your situation to them, go with the one you feel more confident that can help you.

Gabriel (Author) Sep 21, 2021 18:22:55

Sorry by the delay on the answer BTW, hope it's still useful :)

Jyoti Sep 17, 2021 14:50:38

Hi.. I dont have an experience letter from my previous company and now the company is shut down. Is there any alternative solution in such case?

Gabriel (Author) Sep 21, 2021 18:20:34

hi, I've heard that in that case, you can try to get a letter from a previous manager, even if he/she doesn't work there anymore (company close, so they don't, lol). And then send stuff that makes it clear that the company closed, and that your manager used to work there with you. If that's not an option, contracts, paystubs, e-mails, any evidence that it was true might help. Make sure you write a convincing letter of explanation with all the documentation you can find to back it up. The important thing is for the immigration agent to be convinced that you actually worked there, and that the company closed. If you have some budget, maybe consider getting some experienced consultant to guide you on that case, cuz is so specific. But I really think you can pull it out by yourself.

Sofia Sep 22, 2021 05:58:56

Thank you for the valuable information. I have a query. My previous work experience (2 years) resonates with NOC 4033 and the current work experience(1 year) resonates with 4151. I am confused

Gabriel (Author) Sep 28, 2021 14:09:13

Hi Sofia! For eligibility, you only need 1 year work experience in the NOC that you will apply for (you can chose between the two, because you have at least 1 year on each). Then for CRS (score) calculation, both will count. So long story short, yeah, you can use both experiences :). Just make sure the NOC categories are 0, A or B (for FSW).

Murtaza Sep 23, 2021 14:56:13

Hey Gabriel, I have an work experience letter from my employer where it doesn't mention about the hours worked , but it does mention "full time " work in it, so is that amount of information enough to prove work experience , as I don't have any supporting document to prove how many hours I have worked per week/year. Will appreciate your response. Thanks

Gabriel (Author) Sep 28, 2021 14:11:33

Hi Murtaza. Yeah, I think that should be enough. "Full time" is an expression used all over the world, AFAIK for the same meaning. You might might want to explain that on a letter of explanation though, just to make it 100% clear. You could say for an example something like "full time on the letter means I've worked 8h/day. If needed, I can provide extra documentation about it". And if needed (IRCC will let you know), you'd need to ask the company for more evidences.

Aspirant Sep 27, 2021 08:11:40

Hi, is it ok to mention the per hour wage in the experience certificate? The thing is that it was an internship for about 6 months and I was paid by hourly basis in Germany. They mentioned the per week working hours and I was getting around 10 Euro/hour. They mentioned this thing in the certificate, but they would not mention the monthly salary. As I worked each month different number of hours and hence got different amount of money, they are not willing to write this in the certificate. But they have written the weekly working hours and hourly payment rate. Is this ok? I have requested them to add the monthly salary, with an approximation, but they are not willing to do it. The thing is that I had pay slip for that internship job with me, but I lost them somehow. I got the experience certificate in English. But the pay slips were in German. So i think they would not be much helpful , even if they were now with me. It is also not possible to get the pay slips from the company in English, I think. But do you think I should collect the German pay slips from them, provided that they can give me the pay slips. it was around 4 years ago.So I do not have much communication with them and I am also not living in Germany now.

Gabriel (Author) Sep 28, 2021 14:17:03

Hi! So, if you feel like you need to, you could just get the pay slips translated to English (I've done that myself on my process). But in your case, as long as it states the number of weekly hours worked AND the value per hour, the immigration agents will definitely be willing to multiply it to get to a year. You might want to throw in an explanation letter along the paperwork, just to be on the safe side. Also, make sure that the total of hours worked meets the 1560 requirement, and make sure that it is clear on the letter from the company (even if they need to multiply - the result must be at least 1560 hours worked). Number of hours is more important than the salary in this case. It can be tricky I know, but what helps me always is try to put myself on the immigration agent shoes - "does this guy meets the requirements? Is it clear to understand it from the paperwork he sent?" Makes sense?

Ali Sep 27, 2021 22:34:57

what if you education and work history overlap. I got my degree in January 2018 but I started working full time July 2017. Can you tell if this will be a issue when i am just creating my profile

Gabriel (Author) Sep 28, 2021 14:18:14

Nah, it shouldn't be an issue. As long as the NOC description matches what you did, and NOC description doesn't state that finished education is required for you to perform the job (for an example, you can't work as a medical doctor before becoming a doctor). Makes sense?

Ali Oct 02, 2021 12:09:00

Hi, I would like to ask some specific questions related to my scenario. I will be applying for FSWP and possible Ontario or Alberta PNP program with the following work experiences • 3 years and 10 months starting from October 2010 (Location: Pakistan) (NOC skill types A, B and codes 0122 and 6235: the first one is more matching while the later one is more in demand and acceptable in Canada (it's starting at 1 year sooner than the overall 10-year benchmark work experience) • 11 months (Location: Pakistan) both NOC Skill types A, B and codes 0122 and 6235 • 1 year 9 months (Location: Pakistan) both NOC Skill types A, B and codes 0122- and 6235 • 4 months full time internship Germany NOC skill types A, B and codes types 6235 and 1112 • 2 months full time internship Germany NOC Skill type A and code 1111 • 5 months full time worker at Amazon warehouse Germany NOC skill C as 7452 – Material handlers I would like to ask which NOC type should I put as my primary occupation since NOC 0122 is more matching to my experience but considering the demand, approval and future PNP prospects I feel NOC 6235 is more effective? Can I also include my full-time experience in Germany as an intern for 4 months with NOC 6235 or 1112 and separate 2 months internship experience in NOC type code 1111? Should I include my warehouse experience with NOC skills C for my work in Germany? Please be noted I have all the letters and documents confirming the above work experience and I am the primary applicant with my spouse accompanying me. I would be very thankful if you advise me how should I approach to get ITA.

Gabriel (Author) Oct 07, 2021 21:25:08

Hi Ali, This is all very specific, so I strongly recommend you to hire an immigration consultant. They will be able to go over your profile and questions in more detail :)

Srinivasan Ravi Oct 04, 2021 23:30:49

Hi, I have a question regarding NOC identification. I did work full time for 10 on a rotation program. My first 6 months one responsibility and the next 5 months different responsibility. Currently working on different role. How do I choose my NOC for that 10 months.

Gabriel (Author) Oct 07, 2021 21:27:15

Hi, Hm... for FSW specifically, the work experience must be on the NOC that you will be applying for, so you'd have to pick one. It seems like you don't have 1 year on any of those, and that is the minimum :\

Preet Oct 16, 2021 07:46:30

Hi, My employer is not providing me experience letter for cec application.. i have tries everything to convince him. What can I do? I can get affidavits from my co workers stating my job duties. Any thoughts?

Gabriel (Author) Oct 25, 2021 14:37:24

Hi Preet, I'd maybe try to send in the e-mails you asked for the letter, with their response, and try to build a case together with the affidavits, paystubs, contracts, letter of explanation, whatever you have to show that you did work there. But still, that's kind of a shot in the dark, as the requirement states clearly that a letter is needed.

Smit Oct 19, 2021 15:54:51

Hi Gabriel, Ahat if I have worked for 3-4 employers, and one of them being who I have worked for 4-5 months About 600-800 hours and does not responds to my request of experience letter;however, I do have offer letter and all pay stub for that employers, what should I do to make my profile, or should I not try because of no letter from one employer? Thanks Smit

Gabriel (Author) Oct 25, 2021 14:39:14

Hi Smit! I'd say first thing is to check if those 4-5 months will make any difference on your profile, as far as eligibility and score goes. If not, don't even mention it! If they do make a difference, I'd insist with the employer to get the letter (why wouldn't they give it to you?). If that doesn't work, maybe try a letter of explanation with whatever you can get to help build your case (e-mails, contracts, paystubs, etc).

Ellen Oct 23, 2021 16:44:47

Hi Gabriel! I worked 11 months in one company and without a gap continued on to another within a year (end date January, start date next job Feb), can I combine the two jobs to make it to one year? Thanks!! Same line of work, by the way.

Gabriel (Author) Oct 25, 2021 14:40:01

Hi Ellen, yeah that should work! They don't require to be 1 year on the same company. It can be on different ones, as long as the job is the same (which seems to be on your case).

Karan Nov 10, 2021 17:43:26

Hi Gabriel, I worked at a Tim hortons as supervisor for six months and on my job letter they did not mentioned my job responsibilities. After that I just changed my job. And after six months gap I started worked as a supervisor on liquor store. So can, I conclude experience from both my jobs to apply for alberta express entry. Thanks

Gabriel (Author) Nov 15, 2021 05:58:13

Hi Karen! I'm not sure about specific requirements for AINP, but I believe your experience should count, yes. But if you are not 100% sure, I really suggest you try to find a trusted consultant to help you on the specifics of your case! Just to make sure you don't miss any opportunity due to the lack of understanding of the process

Ishan Sahni Dec 12, 2021 19:46:45

Hey Gabriel, Do I also need to provide offer letter, promotion letter and pay slips in addition to the experience reference letter? If yes, what all should I provide?

Gabriel (Author) Dec 26, 2021 04:11:22

Hi Ishan! Nope, just the reference letter mentioned on this article should be enough. If that letter is missing the required information, than yes, some extra stuff might help. Otherwise, just the reference letters is good enough.

Anonymous Dec 15, 2021 18:17:01

Hi, Indian employers are usually sceptical and won't at all provide such confirmations. That too when you are out of that company. They just provide experience cum relieving confirmation. What is the solution then.?

Gabriel (Author) Dec 26, 2021 04:13:38

Hi. I've heard that from other people from India too... it kinda sucks... I believe if you can't manage to get it, maybe try to provide the same information using other documents, like contract, e-mails, pay slips etc. And a letter of explanation putting it all together. But that's a bit of a shot in the dark.. ideally employer should provide a letter. I don't understand why some companies won't do it...

Maq Jan 09, 2022 20:07:45

I can I request guidance pls? 1) I have to change my Experience letters as per Canadian standards so shall I mention the signing date, Passport number as of now or the same old details? 2) from 2015 till now I have been self-employed, one is a sole proprietor business registered with tax and Chamber of Commerce other is a Private limited company (81% owner and authorized director)and registered. can I just mention the period for which I have banking transactions proof as self-employed? because not the whole period was through banking channels. or I should give for the whole period and they will allot points only for a specific period which can be proved through transactions? 3) for the Self-employed period, can I take a reference letter from the Chamber of commerce and from my other partner? or whom else I should be taking? or I should mention it as personnel experience? 4) will it add value if i get all m letters attested from Chamber of commerce and Foriegn Office? and will it be a problem if i add my self-employed or partnership experience? I know i asked too much but it will be helpful for me and many others, apologies for bothering

Aravind Jan 20, 2022 16:09:22

Hi i started working on Sept 7th 2020. But i applied for PGWP on Sept 9th 2020. Now i am resigning from that company, For PR i should get a Experience letter. will there be a problem if the start date is sept 7th? bcz my gc key profile says pgwp applied date is sept 9th. During PGWP application i mentioned i dont have a offer in hand. plz guide me

Shab Jan 25, 2022 09:17:39

Hi, I am an MBA Finance, First, I worked as Document Controller for almost 3 years. Then I worked as Accountant 1.5 Years. Now what experience certificate I should provide during applying.

KP Feb 05, 2022 00:22:43

Hello, My question about job title and duties. My job title is CNC operator(NOC C) but my majority duties(80%) are CNC machinist(NOC B). Will it work in CEC? Are they just looking into duties or job title and duties both are mandatory? please help me!!! Thank you in advance.

nika Oct 16, 2022 09:15:06

thank you so much for this! I have a few questions 1. In the initial "Am I eligible" form, they ask for how many years of "Continuous" work experience I have. If I have a gap in my experience, let's say I worked in a company, took a 1 year gap for higher studies and joined back to another company where I am still working. Should I include the previous job that I had as well. (i do want to get points for that job as well) 2. Does this "Continous" job experience requires me to work in the same company for one year? Should I have worked in the same company for 1 year or I can get points for 1 year if I worked 6 months in one company, 2 months in another, and then 4 months in another. Do I get points for this? 3. Is an experience letter in the given format enough?? Or do I need other documents like pay slip/ bank statements?

Nav Oct 20, 2022 17:29:44

Hi! Does the experience from home country also count towards Express entry?

Bk Oct 31, 2022 01:14:01

Hi, I have been working as a food service supervisor for the past year. If I ask my employer to provide me LMIA, do I have to stay and work for him 1 year after PR? Or can I leave the job after getting my PR? Also if I apply for BC PNP after one year experience, can I leave the job and apply for another job with the same NOC? Or do I have to stay with the same employer? Thank you so much.

T Nov 01, 2022 13:44:37

if your NOC code is managerial and in providing my experience i am 2 months short of 3 years prior to which i was an engineer. Does that matter? Also, can i include my current 5 months experience in canada to fulfill the 2 month short of foreign experience i need

T Nov 01, 2022 13:44:38

if your NOC code is managerial and in providing my experience i am 2 months short of 3 years prior to which i was an engineer. Does that matter? Also, can i include my current 5 months experience in canada to fulfill the 2 month short of foreign experience i need

Diya Nov 25, 2022 13:57:53

Hi Gabriel, Thanks for the excellent information. I have one specific question. I am applying under FSWP and have 483 points. I am hoping to get an ITA soon. However, I am concerned about my 1 year experience as I have worked only 11 months and 12 days in India and I put it as one year. This work was 40 hours/week. Do you think, it will be considered as one year experience for FSWP. I have a PhD degree from Canada which is boosting my points. Due to certain circumstances, I was not able to work and get Canadian experience yet. Second question: Employment letter confirmation should be from the institute or the supervisor? I really appreciate your response. Thanks

Diya Nov 25, 2022 13:57:54

Hi Gabriel, Thanks for the excellent information. I have one specific question. I am applying under FSWP and have 483 points. I am hoping to get an ITA soon. However, I am concerned about my 1 year experience as I have worked only 11 months and 12 days in India and I put it as one year. This work was 40 hours/week. Do you think, it will be considered as one year experience for FSWP. I have a PhD degree from Canada which is boosting my points. Due to certain circumstances, I was not able to work and get Canadian experience yet. Second question: Employment letter confirmation should be from the institute or the supervisor? I really appreciate your response. Thanks

deepa Dec 25, 2022 00:55:26

I was joined in a company from njan 2022 for full time but I couldn't work 30hrs in Feb is it a problem to calculate 1year from jan to apply for express entry

Ananth Dec 27, 2022 13:22:23

Hi Gabriel; Hope you doing well, Im trying to get skilled work permit via LMIA, I got a job offer from Canadian company,I'm at India now, I have a 10 years experience practically, but i have 6 years experience certificates only (FROM 2 companies at UAE) that means I can prove with certifications 6 years only, but my resume says 10 years, my current job can give 1 year of experience evidence, is that enough to prove or I have to prove 10 years ? My first company 2 years experience that was permanently closed, I don't have experience certificate from them One of my previous supervisor working at another company, he can give reference letter, but he don't have company letter pad which we are worked same, can he gave me reference his current company letter pad with seal? Is that ok for reference?

Shruti Jan 03, 2023 12:57:04

Hi Gabriel, I have a question concerning employment records from the previous company, if you could help please. My previous company didn’t mentioned job duties on the reference letter. However, I have them written by a colleague who is still employed at that company. For evidence, I’m attaching the letter from employer, letter from colleague , my paystubs. Do I need to attach the email communication with HR as a proof of attempts made to have duties added in letter? I’m not comfortable attaching this but will do if needed. Thank you

zizi Jan 07, 2023 09:56:56

I am applying for medical laboratory technologist noc.Although I work in medical laboratory, but in my contract my job title is laboratory technologist.Is it OK that i would be introduced in work letter as "medical" laboratory technologist?

zizi Jan 07, 2023 09:56:56

I am applying for medical laboratory technologist noc.Although I work in medical laboratory, but in my contract my job title is laboratory technologist.Is it OK that i would be introduced in work letter as "medical" laboratory technologist?

zizi Jan 07, 2023 09:56:56

I am applying for medical laboratory technologist noc.Although I work in medical laboratory, but in my contract my job title is laboratory technologist.Is it OK that i would be introduced in work letter as "medical" laboratory technologist?

zizi Jan 07, 2023 09:56:57

I am applying for medical laboratory technologist noc.Although I work in medical laboratory, but in my contract my job title is laboratory technologist.Is it OK that i would be introduced in work letter as "medical" laboratory technologist?

zizi Jan 07, 2023 09:56:57

I am applying for medical laboratory technologist noc.Although I work in medical laboratory, but in my contract my job title is laboratory technologist.Is it OK that i would be introduced in work letter as "medical" laboratory technologist?

zizi Jan 07, 2023 09:56:57

I am applying for medical laboratory technologist noc.Although I work in medical laboratory, but in my contract my job title is laboratory technologist.Is it OK that i would be introduced in work letter as "medical" laboratory technologist?

Bea Jan 18, 2023 15:14:17

Hello Gabriel My Work experience letter is more than one page. Should I shorten it or leave it as it is?

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