Published by Gabriel Oliveira
on September 22, 2021

How to get a CRS score of 480 (or more) only with Bachelor's, English and French

At the end of the day, Express Entry is all about the score! And we tend to think that increasing it (the score) is something out of reach.

But it turns out that these three items (Bachelor's, English and French) can get your CRS score all the way up to the 480's, which is an ITA-winner score!

Here is the breakdown...

What do I need for a CRS score of 480?

In a summary, you'll need three things:

Let's dive into the details.

How many points can a Bachelor's degree give me on CRS score?

A bachelor's degree will grant you 120 points, if you are single. And 112 if you have a partner.

We tend to think that to get a high final score we need to have a masters or something like that.

But keep reading, and you'll see that only with a Bachelor's, English and French, you can get a really competitive score.

Bachelor's: 120 points

How many points can English give me on CRS score?

English can give you up to 136 points on your CRS score! But that's only if you get the maximum score (CLB 10 or more) on all abilities (listening, reading, writing and speaking).

For the sake of keeping it real, let's target a CLB of 9 on each ability. That will grant you 124 points, which is still great!

English: 124 points

How many points can French give me on CRS score?

French can give you up to 24 points for the "Second Official Language" factor. That is if you get a score of CLB 9 or more on the French tests.

To keep our example realistic, let's assume that you got CLB 7 on all French abilities. That will give you a score of 12 points.

On top of that, you might also get 50 additional points, if you get a French level NCLC (same as CLB) 7 or more on all the four abilities (listening, reading, writing, speaking).

French: 62 points

Now let's combine Bachelor's, English and French

For this example, let's assume that you have 30 years old (105 points), and 3 years of work experience on your home country.

Age: 105 points

Ok, so if we combine them all together, we get:

Age (105) + Bachelor's (120) + English (124) + French (62) = 411 points

Wait, didn't we say we'd get to the 480's?

We did, and we will! "Skills Transferability" factors will give us the remaining points!

"Skills Transferability" is the cherry on the cake!

Skills Transferability are like "combos" of your skills that will give you some extra points.

There are skills transferability points for:

So, in our case, assuming you have an English level of CLB 9 on all the abilities, you would get:

Skills Transferability: 75 points

Combining everything...

Let's put it all together now!

Age (105) + Bachelor's (120) + English (124) + French (62) + Skills Transferability (75) =
486 points

That is a great score!

486 is a very competitive score, with real chances for an ITA!

And you would get it "only" with a Bachelor's, English, and French!

A bit of motivation

I know that these 3 items (Bachelor's, English and French) are really hard to get.

But immigration to Canada is not easy! There are tons of people all over the world competing for a spot, and only those that put in the effort will make it!

Are you one of those?


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thank you so much for kinds of information that helps us

Gabriel (Author) Dec 06, 2021 05:08:31

Hi, a pleasure :)

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