Published by Gabriel Oliveira
on April 18, 2020

FSW Step 25 - Do the landing

"Landing" is the term used to define the first time you go to Canada after receiving the Confirmation of Permanent Residencty (COPR). You become a Permanent Resident during the landing, so it is a big step!

After the plane lands (assuming you are going by air), when you go through the boarder control, the immigration officer will check your visa stamp and COPR, and guide you through the process of landing.

Important items to follow when doing your landing:

Long story short, just take your papers (passport + COPR + proof of funds) with you, and follow the immigration agent instructions. If everything goes well, he will inform you that you and your family are now Canada Permanent Residents, and that you will receive your cards on the address provided in around 45 days.

Congratulations! you are now officially a Canada Permanent Resident!

FSW Steps

FSW Step 1 - Understand the whole process

FSW Step 2 - Check eligibility

FSW Step 3 - Inform dependents

FSW Step 4 - Find out your NOC

FSW Step 5 - Get passport(s) ready

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FSW Step 7 - Get an ECA

FSW Step 8 - Create and submit profile

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FSW Step 13 - Get Proof of Funds

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FSW Step 15 - Translate all documents

FSW Step 16 - Scan and upload documents

FSW Step 17 - Pay the fees

FSW Step 18 - Submit application

FSW Step 19 - Receive request for Biometrics

FSW Step 20 - Schedule and do Biometrics

FSW Step 21 - Wait for approval

FSW Step 22 - Send passport to VAC

FSW Step 23 - Receive COPR + visa

FSW Step 24 - Arrange travel

FSW Step 25 - Do the landing

FSW Step 26 - Receive PR Card


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