Published by Gabriel Oliveira
on April 18, 2020

FSW Step 2 - Check Eligibility

As we explained on the previous step, the Federal Skilled Worker program is looking for skilled workers (duh!). "Skilled" is the keyword here - meaning you won't get to immigrate because of your good looks :P

With that in mind, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has put a system in place to make sure only the right people get selected.

The very first thing to do is an eligibility test that will tell you right away if you are eligible or not.

About the elegibility test:

How does the test work?

It is a simple online questionaire, that will ask you questions similar to these:

Note that it asks things not directly related to your skills, like how much money you are bringing, and how big your family is. May sound like getting into your privacy, but at the end what they want to know is how many people will move in , and if you have enough money to support yourselves all while you settle down.

You won't need to provide any evidence of the claims you make for now. But you will have to prove them later on the process, so be truthful.

At the end, it will give you a "yes or no" type of result, saying if you are eligible or not.

English Skills

One of the things the questionaire asks about, is how good is your English. Of course it won't take your word for it, as it can be very subjective. Instead, it asks how much you scored on an accepted English Exam like IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

Not everybody has a IELTs result at this point, and you probably don't want to do it just to be able to check your eligibility. So what you can do is run the questionaire with different possible IELTS results, to check if you would be eligible on different scenarios. Then after you actually do the English exam, you come back to the questionaire, and enter your real results.

There is a minimum IELTS score to be considered eligible, so you don't need to go crazy on the different scenarios. Read more about IELTS (and other approved Language exams) on the Do English Exam step.

Ok, I'm ready! How do I start the test?

I though you'd never ask :)

Go to IRCC Express Entry Website and click the "Check your eligibility" button.

I'm eligible! What's next?

That's great!

At the end of the questionaire, it will give you a personal reference code. Save that number (you will need it later), and print the results page. It will look something like this:

Important: If you are running the questionaire as an hypotetical scenario, don't use the provided code to move on the process. Only move forward with the code if you have filled in all answers with correct information.

I'm not eligible... Now what?

You are missing one or more of the minimum requirements:

You will need to improve your skills and come back. The questionaire results won't tell exactly what you are missing. We recommend you redo the questionaire, but this time changing the answers where you think you can improve, so you can identify where you need to work on.

Most common opportunities are finishing a degree, or redoing the English exam.


If you fill this questionaire with hypotetical answers, and get a positive (eligible) result, you cannot go further on the process. Before continue, you will need to make sure you are eligible, with your current true answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do this questionaire more than once?
Yes, you can do it as many times as you like. Just don't use the reference code if you were "playing" with different scenarios.

What happens if I don't give honest answers?
Further on the process, you will have to back-up all your answers with evidences (like reference letters, or certificates). If evidences don't match the answers, you might get delays or denial on the process.

Can I skip this step?
No, the end of the questionaire will give you a personal reference code, which will be needed to continue on the process.

It is asking about my NOC (National Occupation Code), what is that?
Canada has a list of professions, with a code for each. At this point, you don't need to know the exact code for your profession, and you can just use the question text as a guideline. But if needed, you can find your NOC on this link.

If you did the eligibility test, and got a positive result (eligible), congratulations! You can set this step as "done", and move on to the next step.

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Giselle M Sep 08, 2021 12:26:42

Olá Gabriel! Seu tutorial é o máximo! Está me ajudando muito a entender todo esse processo. Muito obrigada por compartilhar seu conhecimento e experiência!

Gabriel (Author) Sep 14, 2021 20:35:43

Oi Giselle, poxa que bom que esta ajudando! Fico felizao :))) Boa sorte no seu processo!! torcendo aqui :)

Md Arif Oct 10, 2021 21:04:17

Hello, I had tried to check eligibilty ,but the page doesn't work . What to do now ?

Gabriel (Author) Oct 25, 2021 14:21:08

Hi, did you try this page? It's working here :\

Jatinder singh Nov 18, 2021 15:03:05

I want work permit

Gabriel (Author) Nov 22, 2021 05:41:36

For work permit, usually you need to get a job offer

N singh Dec 11, 2021 05:48:45

Not eligible have 8 year experience as a electrician.My score l-6,r-6,s5.5,w-5.5.

Gabriel (Author) Dec 26, 2021 04:08:38

Yeah.. for FSW it asks for CLB 7+ :(

Amaka Dec 15, 2021 04:32:00

How do I count my work experience?

Gabriel (Author) Dec 26, 2021 04:08:51

Minimum is 1 year (for FSW)

Maytha Jan 01, 2022 17:52:47

I couldn’t find ‘secretary’ in the NOC list (which is one of my previous work experience that I want to list in my work history section.) What should I do? Thanks!

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