Published by Gabriel Oliveira
on September 21, 2021

French Skills Can Give You 74 Extra Points on Your CRS Score!

If you don't have enough points to immigrate to Canada through FSW, French might be just what you need!

French can give you up to 74 extra points on your CRS score!

If you have 400, you go to 474.

If you have 450, you go to 524! How cool is that?!

Get out of the majority!

The big majority of candidates on the Express Entry pool have a score between 350 and 400:

Data from Sep 14th, 2021

These candidates (with a score between 350 and 400) have the minimum requirements to enter the Express Entry pool, and that's great for them!

But, realistically speaking, it is very unlikely that they will ever get an ITA (Invitation To Apply) through the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW).

The main reason is that FSW draws ("No Program Specified") historically only invites candidates with a score bigger than that!

Which means that if you are on that range, YOU NEED TO BOOST YOUR SCORE!

French can boost your score!

Assuming that English will be the first official language on your Express Entry profile, if you have French as the second language, you can get up to 74 extra points on your CRS score!

Here's how:

CRS rules say that you can get up to 6 points for each ability (reading, writing, speaking and listening) on the second official language (French in this case):

So, if you get CLB 9 or more on all the abilities, you get 24 points.

On top of that, if you score CLB 7 or higher on all French abilities, and CLB 5 or higher on all English abilities, you get an extra 50 points!

Which gives us a total of 74 points!

Second Official Language: 24
Additional Points: 50

Even if you don't get the maximum

Even if you don't get the maximum score on the French test, anything above CLB 7 will already give you 50 additional points! (As long as you have CLB 5 or more on English).

A bit of motivation :)

All of this (learn French) is easier said than done, I know! But it is definitly worth to invest the time on it!

Remember, immigration is NOT easy! So, if you must spend a couple of hundred hours learning French, so be it! The ones that put in the effort are the ones that will eventually succeed on their immigration plan!

Candidates that say "I don't have the time/energy to learn French" (or anything else related to the immigration plan - French is just an example here), unfortunately, probably won't make it. :\


Punit Oct 03, 2021 05:07:51

Hello Gabriel, My current score is 450. I have read almost every single articles on your website. I appreciate your efforts you have had put to gather such detailed information and published it for candidates helpfulness. I am thinking about starting to learn French. As it can fetch me few more points. Can you suggest me from where / who should I learn French?

Gabriel (Author) Oct 07, 2021 21:32:48

Hi Punit! Awesome that you read it all, really happy to help! Hm... I really don't know any teacher or course to recommend... Maybe try udemy or one of those websites - but that's just really a guess on where I'd probably start searching myself. Good luck on your process! 450 is not bad at all! (I went in with only 427 :D)

Rajesh Jan 26, 2023 04:22:36

Hi Punit. If you are still looking for French classes, write me to I am taking classes from a tutor, who herself appeared for TEF and score C1. Classes will be live sessions and will have maximum 4 to 5 students per session.

Sayan Jan 07, 2022 20:13:01

Got a 478 but no FSW draw so far...given the number of applicants in the EE pool what are my chances of getting an ITA at FSW in 2022?

Chinu Feb 03, 2022 16:56:48

Hey Gabriel, Thanks for sharing that amazing article. It was really informative. However, if anyone needs help with French they can reach out to ''. These guys helped me to go from Basic to Intermediate french in 2 months. I did it last year, and If I remember correctly, I paid like $250 for the live course. Absolutely Worth it! Have a great day.

Anand P Oct 31, 2022 07:30:08

Hi, Thanks Gabriel for the info shared clearly on how many additional.points can be got by getting clb 7 in Tef exam. Thanks chinnu for the contact shared to get help with French. Have sent an email and didn't get any reply from them. Is there a contact mobile or phone and where are they placed? If you can share these info. It would be great. Thanks once again for all the useful info. Have a great day.

Palak Nov 01, 2022 17:46:08

I am joining a free french demo session on Sunday, if anyone is interested please enroll themselves so we can learn together and increase our CRS score together Here's the link - I would strongly recommend you register for it and directly ask professor questions regarding the TEF exam. Plus, this will also give you an idea of the whole learning process.

Anand P Nov 02, 2022 04:51:43

Thank you very much, Palak. Will get in touch.

Tanvi Dec 04, 2022 12:11:15

I’ve also started learning french to increase my CRS , anyone who is interested in practising french with me can msg me on my insta id tanii1501

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