Published by Gabriel Oliveira
on August 15, 2021

The FIRST STEP to Immigrate to Canada

The first step to immigrate to Canada is to understand all the options, and chose the one that works better for you!

Not an easy task, but this article will make it way simpler!

Different options to immigrate to Canada

There are different routes that one can take to immigrate to Canada! Actually, there are more than 70!

It's crazy, I know!

As some examples, you could:

And even within these options listed above, there A LOT of different paths to take!

Different Options to Immigrate to Canada

But, no matter which route you take, the first step you need to do will ALWAYS be the same!

What is the first step to immigrate to Canada?

The very first step to immigrate to Canada is to understand all the possible options, and chose the one that works better for you!

So yeah, the first step is NOT to fill up some form, or do some language test!

The first step is all about RESEARCH!

Prepare yourself to spend some good amount of hours on google and Canada's government official website for immigration .

Let's take a look on that those options actually are, and hopefully by the end, one of them will pop up as being the best choice for you.

3 Major Options to Immigrate to Canada

So, all those "more than 70 options to immigrate" can be grouped into 3 Major Groups, which will make it way easier to understand!

These 3 groups are:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker - Gather a score good enough to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA), and come to Canada as a skilled worker. Scores are achieved based on age, education, English level, etc.
  2. Student - Come as a student (temporary resident) initially, and then try to become a permanent resident
  3. Through a Province - Receive a nomination from a province, and come through the Provincial Nominee Program.

All these 3 options are part of something called Express Entry.

There are other options out there, sure! But here is why you should focus in one of these 3!

Express Entry - Where you should focus!

Canada plans on bring in 1.2 million immigrants on the next 3 years (2021, 2022 and 2023). And the government is nice enough to inform us where these immigrants will come from !

Turns out that half of them will come through Express Entry!

Immigrants distribution for 2021, 2022 and 2023

The other half are programs like Refugees, parent sponsorship, etc., which don't apply to most of the people trying to immigrate to Canada.

So, if you are not in a refugee situation, or if you don't have any family in Canada that can sponsor you, Express Entry is the way to go!

And Express Entry is made mostly of the 3 options mentioned above.

Next Steps

As a wrap-up, the first step then is to understand all the options available out there, and chose one that will most likely work for you!

But what's next?

Well, once you know which path to take, here is a suggested list of actions to do next:

  1. Understand the details (rules, requirements, costs, timeline, etc.) of the path chosen.
  2. Write a plan with actionable items (i.e. Study English, IELTS, French, etc.) with whatever actions you learned that you need to do.
  3. Execute the plan!

Easier said than done, I know!

But hey, Immigration to Canada is NOT an easy thing! The ones that put in the effort are the ones that make it at the end!

"It's a Marathon, not a sprint!"


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