Published by Gabriel Oliveira on May 29, 2020

Step 26 - Receive PR Card

As explained on the previous step, when you do the landing, you become a Permanent Resident.

At that time, you will inform your Canadian address, and around 45 days later you will get your card on the mail.

During those 45 days, you are already a Permanent Resident, you just don't have the card yet. You can do everything a PR can, just show your COPR whenever required.

As far as the PR Card itself goes, now is pretty much wait, wait wait...

When you do get it, go ahead and celebrate, you did it! As we said on the beggining, it is not a hard process, it just takes it time. More of a Marathon than a sprint.

Got my PR Card, now what?


Now a new set of tasks starts (not covered it on this website):

  1. Find a permanent place to stay;
  2. Get a Social Insurance Number (SIN);
  3. Get health care;
  4. Open a bank account;
  5. Get a cellphone simcard;
  6. Find a job;
  7. Find school for the kids;
  8. And the list goes on and on...

Good luck :)


Mariana (Guest-73546) 2021-04-13T10:15:38Z

This summary is really nice thanks!

Gabriel (Author) 2021-04-15T14:55:15Z

Thanks Mariana! :)

Alankrita V 2021-06-17T21:43:31Z

You are better than an immigration lawyer!!! Have you considered a career change? Haha. But seriously. This was the best source I've come across on the internet. Keep up the great work!

Gabriel (Author) 2021-06-18T15:27:16Z

hahahhah Thank you!! I'll just continue with my "normal" career for now hahah thanks again!

Sunil 2021-09-26T12:16:01Z

This was the easiest process for us to understand, thank you so much!

Sunil 2021-09-26T12:24:46Z

Here I would like to ask something about experience I am working with my father at sweet shop as a manager how can i prove that in experience . is it eligible for PR

Gabriel (Author) 2021-09-28T14:27:32Z

Glad that it helped! Thanks for the feedback! About your question, it shouldn't be a problem that you work on your family business, there is nowhere saying it is. But try to put yourself on the immigration agent shoes... It might look suspicious, as that might be a common way for people to "fake" work experiences. So, I'd write a letter of explanation stating that it is a family business, and providing with clear evidences that you actually did the job, and it's not only a front. Makes sense? To be 100% on the safe side, I would also probably try to find a consultant with experience in such cases, mostly for peace of mind.

Nano (Guest-279620) 2021-10-21T12:04:00Z

Inspiring...me and my family will get it next year. finger crossed. how about your own experience? what stream are u using and how long did it took?

Gabriel (Author) 2021-10-25T14:42:34Z

Awsome, fingers crossed here that it will all work out for you guys! I came here through FSW, the whole thing took 4 years (since the day I decided to come).

MAHFUZ (Guest-413670) 2022-08-22T11:40:08Z

Best outlined . Well wish for you Gabriel
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