Published by Gabriel Oliveira on May 29, 2020

Step 25 - Do the landing

"Landing" is the term used to define the first time you go to Canada after receiving the Confirmation of Permanent Residencty (COPR). You become a Permanent Resident during the landing, so it is a big step!

After the plane lands (assuming you are going by air), when you go through the boarder control, the immigration officer will check your visa stamp and COPR, and guide you through the process of landing.

Important items to follow when doing your landing:

  • Take your COPRs with you (along with passport with Visa, of course);
  • Take an updated proof-of-funds with you. You already submited one with your application months ago, but the immigration office might asked for an updated one;
  • Be prepared to provide an address where you can receive your PR card. It usually takes around 45 days to get it.
  • If you need to travel outside Canada before your receive your PR card, you will need to inform IRCC about it, and get a PRTD - Permanent Resident Travel Document.
  • Make sure your COPR is not expired;
  • The immigration officer might ask you some questions to make sure you still meet the terms;
  • If you change address within 180 days of arriving in Canada, you must inform IRCC using this form.

Long story short, just take your papers (passport + COPR + proof of funds) with you, and follow the immigration agent instructions. If everything goes well, he will inform you that you and your family are now Canada Permanent Residents, and that you will receive your cards on the address provided in around 45 days.

Congratulations! you are now officially a Canada Permanent Resident!


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