Published by Gabriel Oliveira on May 29, 2020

Step 21 - Wait for approval

Once you have submitted your application and done the biometrics, it is pretty much a waiting game.

IRCC takes around 6 months to process an application. During this time, they will make sure that you have filled out your application correctly, submited the documents, paid the fees, etc.

If anything is required from your end (like extra documents), they will contact you through messages on your account page and an e-mail.

If all the documents you submited match the information you provided when you created your profile, your application will be approved. Remember, this step is not about being selected or not. It is a verification of your application/documents. You were already selected previously when they sent you an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

If you need to change something

If you need to change something related to your application (after you applied), like address, mariage status, new child, etc., use this IRCC form to do so.

After you receive the approval

IRCC will send you an e-mail and a message on you application informing you about the approval. It will also have instructions for the next steps, which include sending your passport to a Visa Application Center (VAC) to get it stamped.

The next step has more details about it.


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