Published by Gabriel Oliveira on May 26, 2020

Step 18 - Submit the application

So you gathered all the documents, translated them, uploaded them, and filled all the forms. Now is time to review everything, and if it's all good, go ahead and submit it.

There is no big task to be done here, it's pretty much just press the "submit" button on your application. But because it is such an important point, we separated it into one step so you can take the time to review it.

Before submiting your application, make sure these items are done:

All fees are payed?
All documents are uploaded?
All forms are filled?

If you verified all forms, documents and fields, go ahead and submit the form.

Changes after you submit

If items such as the ones below change after you submit your application, you can use this IRCC form to report the change.

  1. Changes in address, phone number, email, etc.;
  2. births or deaths in your family;
  3. marriages or divorces;
  4. adoptions,
  5. changes on your job or job title;
  6. a new educational credential (ECA);
  7. new language exam results;


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