Published by Gabriel Oliveira on May 25, 2020

Step 17 - Pay the Fees

IRCC spends lots of money maintaning the immigration processes. So it is fair to charge a fee for it.

And it is even more fair considering that you (candidate) only need to pay these fees after you are invited to apply (ITA). Which pretty much means you only pay if you are selected.

Of course, these are the fees related to the application itself - paid directly to IRCC. There are other third party costs involved, like the ECA, IELTS, translators, etc. But at this step, we are only talking about IRCC fees.

After you fill the forms and upload the required documents, the system will show you a list of fees you need to pay.

This list includes:

  • Processing fee for you and your family;
  • Right of permanent residence fee;
  • biometrics fee;

You must pay them online, under you account, using an international credit or debit card.


This is what you can expect to pay. More information on the IRCC website.

Fee $CAN
Processing fee for main applicant 825
Right of permanent residence 500
Processing fee for spouse 825
Right of permanent residence for your spouse 500
Include one dependent child 225 (per child)
Biometric fee for main applicant 85
Biometric fee for the whole family 170


If for some reason you are missing something on your application, they will let you know and refund you for:

  • Processing fee
  • Rigth of permanent residence fee

If the application starts to be processed, you won't be refunded for the processing fee.


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