Published by Gabriel Oliveira on May 20, 2020

Step 12 - Medical Exams

Even before COVID-19 strike, this was already a procedure in place. Pretty much IRCC wants to make sure you and your family are in good shape.

So you need to go under a medical exam before you apply for permanent residency. In fact, your family (spouse and children) members will need to do it too, even if they won't move with you.

IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has a list of authorized doctors all around the world that can perform this exam.

You must have it done before you submit your application. IRCC encourages you to do it as soon as you get your invitation to apply.

How to do the exam

  1. Find an authorized doctor to do the exam close to you, and make the appointment;
  2. Go to the appointment bringing the required documents;
  3. Pay the medical fee directly at the doctor office;
  4. The doctor might ask you to do extra exams, like radiology or blood tests. If so, he will give you the instructions to do so;
  5. The doctor will send the results directly to IRCC, and give you a document confirming that you had the exam;
We'll break down each step on the sections below.

Find a doctor near you

There are several doctors that work with the government of Canada for these exams. Find one on this website.

Call in and say you need to do a "Medical Exam for Canada Permanent Resident applicant". They will know how to proceed.

Which documents to bring to the appointment

Here is the list of documents you'll need to take to the appointment

  • ID with your photograph - Passport or national identity card;
  • Any reports you have from any previous or existing medical conditions;
  • If the doctor doesn't use "eMedical" (a computer system for Canada government), you also need to take 4 recent photographs.

The above list is only a reference. Please verify the oficial website for the most accurate list.

What you will need to pay at the medical office

You will need to pay all fees related to the medical exam when you are there. These might include:

  • Fee for the doctor itself;
  • Fee for radiology;
  • Any special tests or blood work that might be required.

After the exam

If the doctor works with eMedical (a computer system for Canada government), he will give you a print out to include on your application.

If not, he/she will give you a copy of the first page of form "IMM 1017B-Upfront", which you will need to include on your application.

Check List

Use the checklist below to track the progress on the exams you need to do.

Add family members to create tasks for them


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