Published by Gabriel Oliveira on May 20, 2020

Step 11 - Get police certificates

Police certificates are needed to prove that you do not have any problem with your country laws.

It is required one certificate for you and each family member older than 18 that will travel with you.

Note: If you lived in another country for more than 6 months in a row on the previous 10 years, you will need a certificate from that country police as well.

Police certificates might take a long time to be done, so you are encouraged to create one on the moment you create a profile. On the other hand, it cannot be more than 6 months old when you submit your application.

How to get police certificates

Each country has different entities and processes. Please visit IRCC website for instructions on how to get one for several different countries.

Any document that is not in english or french must be translated by a certified translator, including police certificates. More information here.

Check List

Add family members to create tasks for them


Pataru89 (Guest-122768) 2021-06-16T12:38:04Z

Hi! This is super helpful, but I have a quick question about the police character certificate: does it need to be less than 6 months old for my current country of residence or for ALL countries I have lived in? IE - I lived in the USA from 2015-2018. I got police character certificate done before I left and never went back. Do I need to get ANOTHER police character certificate from the USA even though I havent been back since I left in 2018? Thank you!

Gabriel (Author) 2021-06-17T17:11:18Z

Hi There. For the country you live in currently, it must have less than 6 months, yes. But for countries where you lived before, there is no such rule. Even if there is an expiry date on the certificate itself, IRCC will take it! However, it must have been issued AFTER YOU LEFT. So on your specific case, you might need to get a new one :| This (oficial) link has all the rules: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/express-entry/apply-permanent-residence/police-certificates.html

Prabhat 2022-11-29T00:11:10Z

Hi, I got my ITA on 23rd November 2022. I applied for police clearance certificate (PCC) for myself, wife and son (19 years age) on 26th & 27th Nov-2022. It might take ~4 weeks to get the certificate but if I would get it late then can I submit my PR application with the PCC application payment receipt & acknowledgement? and can can submit the PCC later?
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