Published by Gabriel Oliveira on May 16, 2020

Step 9 - Wait for ITA

So, you have gathered all the required documents, and submited your profile. Now is pretty much a waiting game.

Around every 15 days, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) will invite a certain number of people to apply. This is called Invitation to Apply (ITA).

These people are selected based on their score. So, let's say on a specific round of invitation they call 3000 people. It will be the 3000 that have the highest score.

Your Express Entry profile will show what is your score. If your score is bigger than the minimum score they invited, you are in! You will receive a message with the Invitation to Apply (ITA) soon.

Here are the previous rounds of invitations. The ones for the Federal Skilled Worker Program are in blue:

If you didn't have enough score to be invited on the latest round of invitations, the next one might have a smaller minimum. Again, it is a waiting game.

Of course, if you feel your score is way to low (based on latest draws), it is recommended that you do something to increase it. For an example, redo English Exam aiming for a higher score. Or finish a post-graduation program. See the IRCC website for more details on the score method.

If you don't get invited on your first round, you will remain on the pool for the next ones for 1 year.

What happens after I get invited?

You will get a message on your account saying you got invited. Be happy about it, it is a big deal! It means that


Now you need to gather all the required documents, and upload it on the system. The following tasks on this website will guide you through that, but use it as a guideline only. Your Express Entry Application will have the list of required items, which is the one you should follow.

IMPORTANT: After you receive the invitation (ITA), you have only 60 days to apply.


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