Published by Gabriel Oliveira on May 10, 2020

Step 7 - ECA

We might be sounding repetetive here, but Federal Skilled Worker Program is all about skills. And by skills, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) means education + work experience.

On this article we'll talk about how to prove that you have the required education.

So, let's say you went through college, post-graduation program, masters, etc. And you got all the diplomas to prove it. The thing is that colleges and course programs are different all over the world, and there is no way IRCC is able to keep track of it.

That's why you need to do an Education Credential Assessment (ECA). It will tell what is the Canadian education level that is equivalent to yours.

Basically, a certified institution will make sure your diploma/certification is valid and equal to a Canadian one.

You only need to get an assessment for your highest level of education. For an example, if you have a Master's degree, you only need an assessment for that degree, you don't need one for your Bachelor's degree.

An ECA will garantee your diploma is valid in Canada, but if you will work on a regulated profession, you still need to get your license in the province that you plan to settle in. Example of regulated professions are Medical Doctors or Lawyers. More information here.

Where to get an assessment

Currently, there are 5 organizations allowed to provide these assessments:


Physicians and Pharmacists will have to get the assessment via specific entities. More information here

Visit each organization site for more details on process, fees and times. Their process are very similar, here is a generalized summary:

  1. Translate your diploma, transcript, etc,
  2. Pay the fee
  3. Mail the required documents and translations
  4. Wait for processing
  5. Get the result

IMPORTANT: No matter which organization you chose, your assessment must be issued for immigration purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my spouse need to do an education assessment too?
No. But if you both do it, you might earn more points.

How long does it take?
It will depend on the organization, your region, etc. But consider the time needed for carrier to deliver the documents back and forth.

How much will it cost?
It also depends on the organization, your region, etc. Please visit their website for more details.


Mariana (Guest-73546) 2021-04-13T09:47:38Z

Pharmacists: If you’re in a position where you don’t need a license, one of the other designated organizations can assess your credentials. For example, you may not need a license to work in the pharmaceutical industry or in a government job where you need a pharmacy degree for the job, but don’t need a license to practice pharmacy.

Thiago 2021-10-03T01:18:14Z

Mariana, thanks a lot! I`ve been searching the answer for this question for ages!

Nivaldo (Guest-136337) 2021-06-28T15:02:09Z

In case I have any diplomas from the same level of education, this would SUM on my score? or they would consider just on?

Gabriel (Author) 2021-06-28T15:59:54Z

Nope, it won't sum them. It considers only one. But you might get some extra points for having 2 diplomas though. General rule is one must be at least a 3 years duration. I'd do the ECA and see what comes out of it. That's the ONLY way of knowing how many points you'll get.

Charles (Guest-249404) 2021-09-23T19:58:06Z

Hi thanks Gabriel for the step by step course. I really appreciate it. What if my education doesn't correlate to accumulated work experience. Is it still feasible.... I have have a partial work experience on my education. But a 5 years work experience outside my profession. Thanks again bro

Gabriel (Author) 2021-09-28T14:22:07Z

Hey Charles, it's been a pleasure :) So, Education and Work experience are separated things as far as immigration goes. So they don't really need to match. Unless your NOC description says that you NEED to have education to do that job (like medical doctors, or architects, for an example). I've wrote an article about that a while ago: https://www.canadastepbystep.com/articles/does-noc-need-to-match-education

Md Nazim Uddin 2021-12-24T15:11:10Z

Do you provide ECA Service. How much it will cost?

Gabriel (Author) 2021-12-26T04:24:33Z

I don't... check WES - I did mine with them.

Moni 2022-02-03T19:28:00Z

Am I supposed to mail the certificate to myself and upload a copy online or mail it directly to Canada? Thanks a lot for your help!
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