Published by Gabriel Oliveira on April 27, 2020

Step 3 - Inform Dependents

Each family member that will accompany you will have to provide a specific set of documents.

Use the form below to add family members, and tasks will be created for each member.

No need to use real names. If you feel more comfortable, go ahead and use nicknames.


Jaqueline Volpe 2021-07-16T17:36:40Z

Não apareceu para mim colocar o nome das crianças. :(

Gabriel (Author) 2021-07-19T22:11:01Z

Wow, really? Hmmm I'll look into that, thanks for the heads up!!

Juan José Rojas 2021-09-14T00:31:04Z

Planning on going alone

Juwel 2022-11-11T13:27:43Z

Is there any opportunity to take mother as dependent with family
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