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Published by Gabriel Oliveira on November 07, 2020
Updated on January 19, 2022

Express Entry Draws History

Express Entry invites candidates to apply for permanent residence through invitations rounds, also known as draws.

These draws happen frequently, usually around every 15 days.

Express Entry was created in 2015, and since then it has invited hundreds of thousands of families to immigrate to Canada.

Here are some stats:


since 2015


since 2015


in Jan 17, 2022

The chart below shows the minimum scores for ALL Express Entry draws since 2015.

The size of each point represents the number of people invited.

Latest Express Entry Draw

The latest Express Entry draw happened on Wednesday, January 19, 2022:

  • Draw number: 214
  • Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2022
  • Program selected: Provincial Nominee Program
  • Minimum CRS score required: 745
  • Number of candidates invited (ITA): 1036

Express Entry Pool Size History

As of Monday, January 17, 2022, there are currently 196,685 candidates on the Express Entry pool.

But that number keeps changing, as new candidates create new Express Entry profiles, or as ITAs are sent to candidates.

The chart below shows the history of the Express Entry Pool size (number of candidates), since 2018:

Express Entry Pool Candidates Distribution (by score)

Each candidate on the Express Entry pool has a different score.

The chart below shows what are the scores for the 196,685 candidates currently on the Express Entry pool.

It was updated on Monday, January 17, 2022.

Express Entry Latest Draws

Below is the table of the 10 most recent Express Entry Draws:

# Date Program Invitations Minimum Score
214 Wednesday, January 19, 2022 Provincial Nominee Program 1036 745
213 Wednesday, January 5, 2022 Provincial Nominee Program 392 808
212 Wednesday, December 22, 2021 Provincial Nominee Program 746 720
211 Friday, December 10, 2021 Provincial Nominee Program 1032 698
210 Wednesday, November 24, 2021 Provincial Nominee Program 613 737
209 Wednesday, November 10, 2021 Provincial Nominee Program 775 685
208 Wednesday, October 27, 2021 Provincial Nominee Program 888 744
207 Wednesday, October 13, 2021 Provincial Nominee Program 681 720
206 Wednesday, September 29, 2021 Provincial Nominee Program 761 742
205 Wednesday, September 15, 2021 Provincial Nominee Program 521 732

To see the full list, please check the IRCC draws history page .

All charts and data for this page are updated regularly, based on IRCC invitation rounds page.

I hope this article helps you on your immigration journey!

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Agustin (Guest-136836) 2021-06-29T02:10:18Z

Your page is so cool mate! Parabens! Also thanks for your lives on Ig!

Gabriel (Author) 2021-06-30T13:55:09Z

Thanks man! Really appreciate it!!

Kumaresan (Guest-152335) 2021-07-12T14:32:54Z

Hi , I have my Crs score is 404 but I met for FST draw only because my lelts socre is low could you tell when it's next FST draw game ....I'm waiting for my invitation..

Gabriel (Author) 2021-07-12T17:20:06Z

Hey it's impossible to say when next draws will be... Specially FSTs, it's been a while since we had one of those :\

Jaiminee patel (Guest-203672) 2021-08-19T07:16:46Z

Few draw when I am waiting

Jaiminee patel (Guest-203672) 2021-08-19T07:17:07Z

When fsw draw

Gabriel (Author) 2021-08-20T21:54:17Z

No idea... I really expected it still this year, but now with the whole Delta thing going on, who knows...

Ayesha zarqa Fatima (Guest-219144) 2021-08-30T11:15:59Z

My profile is in pool with 465 crs score. What should I expect? How much chance I have for receiving an invitation

Gabriel (Author) 2021-08-30T16:20:38Z

Hi Ayesha, there's currently around 25k people ahead of you, which is not perfect, but it's not bad at all. If a big draw happens, you could be in. But I wouldn't count on it, so you should definitely try to boost it as much as you can still. Not in a bad zone, but not in a safe zone either.

Zack (Guest-232297) 2021-09-08T18:53:10Z

Why do you think there was no draw last week? FSW? Afghanistan? New programs to come? Or I am just an over thinker...

Gabriel (Author) 2021-09-14T20:37:14Z

Yeah, was super weird. And just today we had a CEC one (I was really expecting FSW lol). I really don't know, but my guess is still they are waiting out to see what happens on the COVID front... hahaha totally overthinker here too, so high-five! :D

JamieG (Guest-238153) 2021-09-13T22:10:38Z

I got a 71 point to qualify for EE FSW.. No chance in hell will a score of 360 points under FSW make the cut, right? Can that application ne changed to PNP for better chances? Is there no separate draw that recognizes single professional with more than 10 years of work experience (international) candidates without any blood relative in Canada to be invited? The Adaptability section pulled my score down A TON!

Gabriel (Author) 2021-09-14T20:38:45Z

Hmm... did you get 71 on the test below? Because there are two different scores - one for eligibility (which I'm thinking your 71 came from), and one for the score used on the draws. This is the one that counts (assuming you are eligible):

JamieG (Guest-238153) 2021-09-16T05:21:09Z

Yes the 71 points was for the eligibility. The CRS score is only 360. The section on adaptability and Canadian education/degree pulled my score down because I am single and never worked in Canada. With all the rest of the criteria I got good scores. Will there even be the slightest hope that this application will get a chance to be picked from the FSW pool? 🥺 Or maybe I should try and change my application to PNP instead? What do you reckon? Thank you!

Gabriel (Author) 2021-09-21T18:29:37Z

Yeah... realistically speaking, I really don't think 360 has any chance on FSW. Are you sure you can't squeeze more points out of it? I did a post on Instagram the other day about how to get 519 points "only" with English, French and Post Grad. I know it's easier said than done, but maybe you can get a bit more than 360 at least. If that's not an option, then yea, focus on PNP or CEC are the natural Plans B and C.

Devika (Guest-271415) 2021-10-13T22:32:28Z

My score is 475. and i will be turning 30 in june 2022. my husband is 32. what is the chnace of me getting an ITA.? How much should i have to wait.?

Gabriel (Author) 2021-10-25T14:32:42Z

Hi Devika, as I mentioned on the other page, there are around 20k people ahead of you, so it's really not thaaat many! but still quite a few people. I'd say chances are real, but it would definetly help to try to increase the score a bit (easier said than done, I know!)

Mikita (Guest-275212) 2021-10-17T13:56:07Z

What’s your thoughts about another week with no CEC draw? What you think is the reason and will we see more draws before EOY? To add some personal story to the Q, I’m super anxious as I just got eligible last week with 468 CRS and WP expires early December…

Gabriel (Author) 2021-10-25T14:35:12Z

Niceee congratulations with the eligibility for CEC! Yeah, it's crazy that we've been getting only PNPs! I personally think a CEC (or a "no program specified") draw is on our way. Hope is a CEC for you, cuz if it's NPS there will be a ton of really high-scores receiving ITA. Good thin in your case, is that even if your WP expires, you are still eligible for CEC (you don't need to be working at the time of ITA, or anything like that). But I get the whole logistics troubles... good luck, hope it works out!

Ahmed (Guest-287137) 2021-10-28T04:36:15Z

Hey everyone , I'm currently in Canada I have a 380 points in total As canadien experience class There is any chance for next 2 months To receive an invitation and please and Thank-you for eny suggestions or ideas To achieve the dream. Thanks alot and all the best

Zack (Guest-232297) 2021-10-31T22:35:54Z

Hey Ahmed. I feel your worry, I am waiting for a CEC draw inland too and have just over a month before my work permit expires. However, I am not sure if a draw with a score under 380 can happen again in forseeble future. I have 476 and am worried af. Do you think your NOC code might be eligible for PNP?

Gabriel (Author) 2021-12-06T05:05:09Z

Hi Ahmed. even for CEC, 380 is a bit on the low side... I suggest you try to improve it, or maybe aim at a PNP - considering that you are already here, you might be eligible to some streams.

P patel (Guest-317723) 2021-11-23T09:22:38Z

I got invitation to apply mail in January 2021 of SINP OID, I uploaded all documents in march and still my status shows Application Received. So i have a doubt when should i get file in process status it's been 8 months completed. there's is no Update last from 8 months

Gabriel (Author) 2021-12-06T05:06:07Z

Hi, congrats on the invitation! I personally have no idea what's the current timeline for SINP... I'd say maybe try to find a trusted consultant that can help you with that!

Trimurti (Guest-343511) 2021-12-16T09:38:04Z

Any idea of FSW draw ?

Gabriel (Author) 2021-12-26T04:15:40Z

Nope.. still waiting (hoping?).

Kay 2021-12-25T15:21:41Z

Please I have done my ECA and about writing my IELTS. I have a cousin in monitoba who intend to nominate for MPNP. please what is my chances ? And what is point allocation for such nomination?

Gabriel (Author) 2021-12-26T04:17:11Z

Hi... just the "nomination" from your cousing might not be enough... you'd need to check MPNP details to see. I don't know it from the top of my head, sorry. A consultant might be the way to go if you can't find the information online.

Abdul Rehman (Guest-481617) 2022-11-26T12:31:30Z

they have 2 lac entries already in the pool and here consultants are making us fool..... So basically we dont stand a chance... :(
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