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Published by Gabriel Oliveira on November 07, 2020

NOC Codes That Start in 92

When you fill the IRCC eligibility questionnaire to see if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada, this question will pop up:

In the last five years, do you have at least two years of experience in one of these types of jobs (skilled trades)?
  • industrial, electrical and construction trades (NOC codes that start in 72)
  • maintenance and equipment operation trades (NOC codes that start in 73)
  • supervisors and technical jobs in natural resources, agriculture and related production (NOC codes that start in 82)
  • processing, manufacturing and utilities supervisors and central control operators (NOC codes that start in 92)
  • chefs and cooks or (NOC codes that start in 632)
  • butchers and bakers (NOC codes that start in 633

IRCC asks this because these groups of professions are considered skilled trades, and the Federal Skilled Trades Program (which is also processed through the Express Entry process) specifically looks for people with experience on those jobs .

To see if you have experience in one of those occupations, look for your job on the lists below.

Full list of occupations with NOC codes that start in 92:
NOC Code Occupations
9211 Supervisors, mineral and metal processing
9212 Supervisors, petroleum, gas and chemical processing and utilities
9213 Supervisors, food and beverage processing
9214 Supervisors, plastic and rubber products manufacturing
9215 Supervisors, forest products processing
9217 Supervisors, textile, fabric, fur and leather products processing and manufacturing
9221 Supervisors, motor vehicle assembling
9222 Supervisors, electronics manufacturing
9223 Supervisors, electrical products manufacturing
9224 Supervisors, furniture and fixtures manufacturing
9226 Supervisors, other mechanical and metal products manufacturing
9227 Supervisors, other products manufacturing and assembly
9231 Central control and process operators, mineral and metal processing
9232 Central control and process operators, petroleum, gas and chemical processing
9235 Pulping, papermaking and coating control operators
9241 Power engineers and power systems operators
9243 Water and waste treatment plant operators

If you have experience in one of these occupations within the last five years, go ahead and say so on the dropdown for the answer. It might impact your eligibility.

Other NOCs mentioned on the same question

These other occupations are also mentioned on the same question during the eligibility questionnaire.

Go through them to see if you have experience on any of them.

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