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Published by Gabriel Oliveira on June 10, 2021
Updated on January 17, 2022

Is 460 a good score for Express Entry?

460 is an 'ok' score for Express Entry!

There are currently 42773 candidates on the Express Entry pool with a score bigger than that, which is not much, but is not little either.

Here is the current Express Entry pool distribution , as of Jan 17, 2022:

What are my chances with a score of 460?

A score of 460 doesn't have big chances of receiving an ITA.

Let's do some quick math:

  • There are 42773 candidates with a score bigger than 460.
  • Usually they invite around 3,000 people every 15 days.
  • Which means they would have to do around 14 draws to get to 460 points.
  • Consider that people create new Express Entry profiles every day, so these numbers can change quickly.

Of course, these are all estimations. It's impossible to predict what's going to happen. But I hope it gives you an idea of how to look at it :)

Should I increase my score?

460 is really not that good, so you definetly should try to improve it!

Try to identify good oportunites to increase your score. Usually English and French are good alternatives!

I hope this article helps you on your immigration journey!

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Jigs 2021-06-16T10:24:05Z

Hi my score is 473. What would be my chances? is there any chances to get ITA before Sept.2021

Gabriel (Author) 2021-06-24T16:17:15Z

Hi Jigs, 473 is a good score too! There are around 17 thousand people ahead of you though, so we'd need a few draws to get there (or a big one!). Before sep 2021 is hard to tell, we'll get a better idea once they start calling FSW again. Sorry about the delay, totally missed this message!

Dr Hemant (Guest-148301) 2021-07-08T17:40:28Z

Hi my crs score is 460 and it’s the maximum I have tried as my age is around 32 but if my spouse give English test again to achieve Max marks we can raise the bar till 466 so kindly guide

Gabriel (Author) 2021-07-12T17:18:05Z

Yeah, English and French are definetly the "easiest" ways to get some points! After that, maybe Education... I wish there were easier ways, really.

Sudarshan (Guest-161996) 2021-07-20T12:05:25Z

Hii Gabriel, My CRS score is 462 what are my chances

Gabriel (Author) 2021-07-22T19:40:59Z

Hi, pretty much the same as 460 (mentioned above) :)

Dennis (Guest-166460) 2021-07-23T18:50:49Z

I am currently in Canada doing PhD. I did the ielts and have the crs of 459. Can I still apply for FSW program because I dont see any draw from there. What are my chances.

Gabriel (Author) 2021-08-02T17:00:17Z

You can apply (create EE profile), sure. But 459 is not a really good score (not bad, but probably not enough). I'd say try to boost it in any way you can (IELTS again and maybe even French). Or see if you fit any PNP stream for the province you are at. the PhD might make you eligible for one!

John (Guest-167309) 2021-07-27T21:15:50Z

Hi my score is 468..I studied Electrical Engineering but I am a data analyst. Please what are my chances of getting an ITA?

Gabriel (Author) 2021-08-02T17:00:51Z

Hi, check out the comments section on this page: Lots of people around the same score there!

Ramu (Guest-172034) 2021-07-28T02:42:51Z

I have 486

Gabriel (Author) 2021-08-02T17:00:55Z

Hi, check out the comments section on this page: Lots of people around the same score there!

Ramu (Guest-172034) 2021-07-28T02:43:26Z

No draw for FSW expected soon

Gabriel (Author) 2021-08-02T17:01:14Z

Yeah, fingers crossed here, including toes :D

Ryan 2021-08-15T10:49:52Z

Hi Gabriel, I read your articles and it really help me in doing my Express Entry. My CRS score is 467 and I am now waiting for FSW draw. I guess FSW will not come very soon and it will be very long to wait. Therefore, I am thinking about attending university in Canada and enter the Canada with student visa. However, I also worry that my study permit applications will be rejected because it is Dual Intent. Do you think I should try dual intent ? What would be your opinion ? Thank you in advance, Ryan

Gabriel (Author) 2021-08-16T16:34:30Z

Hi Ryan, really glad it's helping! That's a tricky one... Lots of people are considering going as a student now too, because of all the waiting on FSW. Just last week I knew a guy that got his SP rejected saying "we are not convinced that you will leave the country after your studies". In a summary, dual intent is totally legit! But they look at it as separate applications. Meaning, if you go that route, it must be clear that you plan on studying and then leaving the country (they will assess it based on your funds, lenght of stay, credibility, etc). And if you get PR in the meanwhile, that's good, but they want to make sure that if you don't, you'll leave. Does that make sense? It can be super confusing. Here's a great material to read about this:

P k Panchal (Guest-425355) 2022-09-18T11:06:18Z

My score is 455 and waiting for express entry.master in medical filed and Wess completed PR by end of 2022

Vasudha (Guest-211405) 2021-08-24T21:08:09Z

Hey, would love your input. My csr score is 462, I'm planning to get married next year and my fiance has a PR. Should I apply for PR independently right now? How much time would that take? Or should I go for Spouse sponsorship after marriage? In that case would I be able to stay with them in Canada till the PR is under process?

Gabriel (Author) 2021-08-24T22:22:14Z

Hi there, Hm... I'm not 100% familiar with the sponsorship process, but I'm pretty sure it will be easier/faster than getting a PR on your own! But really no idea about times/costs/etc... I'd say a consultant is the way to go on your case! Sorry, really wish I could help more :\

Vasudha (Guest-211405) 2021-08-25T04:36:24Z

Yes I think I'll take the consultants help. Thank you for responding and good luck with everything

Harry (Guest-294083) 2021-11-03T08:54:46Z

Hi, is it recommended to apply with the CRS score of 473 or should I wait and increase the score??

Gabriel (Author) 2021-11-15T05:51:04Z

IMO you should always create profile, if you are eligible. Then you just try to increase it (after profile is created)

Vrinda (Guest-353084) 2021-12-26T07:27:07Z

Hi, my score is 458 and it is already the highest score I can get. I have my profile in express entry since September,2021. Is it good to assume that in 2022, when FSW will reopen, I would receive an ITA at this score?

P k Panchal (Guest-425355) 2022-09-18T11:07:22Z

Please reply earliest

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